Grief 2 Growth

Her Mediumship Heals Both Sides- Karen Docherty

February 22, 2023 Season 3 Episode 16
Grief 2 Growth
Her Mediumship Heals Both Sides- Karen Docherty
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Typically, we think of a medium reading as healing for the sitter, the person who hires the medium. We don't often think of a reading as beneficial for the person in the spirit world.

I had a fascinating conversation with Karen, who shares frank and fresh perspectives on mediumship, dealing with grief, and how the mechanics of mediumship work. Along the way, she busts some myths that I think you're going to want to hear about.

Karen has been aware of her psychic abilities from a young age and communicates with those who have crossed over every day. Her mission is to help and heal through her mediumship and to help people understand how spirit works. She is a mentor and teacher and helps students to develop their innate mediumistic gifts . Karen’s love of her work is outstanding, and her passion for all things mediumship drives her forward, bringing evidential mediumship to the forefront every time.

You can find Karen at:


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Brian Smith  0:00  
Close your eyes and imagine what are the things in life that causes the greatest pain, the things that bring us grief, or challenges, challenges designed to help us grow to ultimately become what we were always meant to be. We feel like we've been buried. But what if, like a seed we've been planted, and having been planted would grow to become a mighty tree. Now, open your eyes, open your eyes to this way of viewing life. Come with me as we explore your true, infinite, eternal nature. This is grief to growth. And I am your host, Brian Smith.

Everybody this is Brian back with another episode of grief to growth. And today I've got with me Karen Daugherty. And Karen is a psychic medium. She's a mentor, she puts support souls on both sides of the veil by bridging communication between the physical and non physical world. Karen is very passionate about the healing power these conversations for the person who's left Earth side after a loved one's past, as well as for the soul is now on the spirit side. She also teaches others to skillful and reliable use and trusts her own intuitive, maybe even psychic abilities so they can be fully connected to guidance from within and beyond. So with that, I want to welcome to grief to growth. Karen Daugherty.

Karen Docherty  1:26  
Thank you, Brian. It's a pleasure to be here.

Brian Smith  1:29  
I'm glad to meet you today. Karen, I think the work that you do is very special and very needed. And we were talking before we get started. And wow. Your video just went crazy.

Karen Docherty  1:43  
Hang on a second.

Brian Smith  1:46  
It's I don't think it's on your end. I was I was on a meeting before everybody's watching, we might have some technical issues, because I apparently zoomed in an upgrade recently that's causing some strange things. The other thing I found that sometimes people who are psychic, and people who have it in the ease can cause electronics, I don't know if you've had that experience or not. But I'm getting back to the to the what we're talking about. So I think it's what you do is really, really important, because people they really want to know that their loved one is okay. And we don't really we're not really sure how, how do we know that? But getting back to you for a second? How do you How did you get started in this? How did you find out about your abilities?

Karen Docherty  2:25  
Well, as long as I can remember. So from early early childhood, I was always aware of other people that one of this world, but I didn't know, really the terminology, I didn't know who they were, I just knew that we weren't alone. And then as sort of I grew up maybe four or 567 years of age, it became a lot more intense at times. So it would be where I would then voice that to usually my grandmother, my father's mother. And she'd say, Don't worry about it, they don't harm you. So it's almost like it became normality for me. And I knew that she understood. So that made it normal for me. And then as I progressed into my teens and later teens, I was kind of receiving messages for people, it might be that I was out with friends and I would see all your grandfather's here. And you know, he's saying X, Y and say it and at that point in time, obviously I knew that. Not everyone said that. But I still didn't think I was a medium, I still just thought that it was something that I was able to do in a in a very normal way. The only way I can put it sometimes hard to describe. But then when I read into years old, it really intensified. And it got to a point where when I was going to sleep in the evening, I would hear lots of voices, lots of different voices, and it became quite overwhelming for me. So I went spoke to medium. And this medium had said to me, Well, you know that you need to develop this. And I said why? And she said because you're a medium, and I still at that point, didn't believe it. But as I look back on my life, I was always fascinated with mediumship. I think my first book that I ever bought was a medium called Doris Stokes. She was an English medium, very well known over in the UK. And I had bought her book at the age of 10 and read it to cover and I'd watched mediums and been fascinated with everything, for all kinds of made sense at that point as I went into development for that, but I did take some time to get there. Yeah. So your your grandmother said, don't worry about it. They don't harm so she was assuming that they were actually there and you were seeing or hearing them. Do you know that medium does mean a short run in your family? Yes, I later learned that she was mediumistic and her sister was a medium who went out to work as a medium weight as my grandmother didn't go out to work as a medium. But she used to like my memories of her doing tea leaves and you know speaking to people about every

thing to do with spirit is in my memory etched in my memory. So she was mediumistic as well, which is why she understood it as my parents. It's not that they didn't like it or didn't understand it, but I just think that they thought I was making it up. But it was my imagination or it was just okay. Yeah, you know that kind of weird as my grandmother, I knew that my grandmother actually understood. And she used to tell my dad all the time, or here's cabin, she brings spirit with her. And I remember her saying that so many times. So it all kind of made sense later on.

Brian Smith  5:36  
Okay. And so you mentioned that you saw me the images that you need to develop this. So how do you go about developing it, especially with someone who's Natural Born medium? So what do you do the development,

Karen Docherty  5:48  
the development side of it really was more about understanding what was happening. So for me, the minute I sat in a home circle, we called it, we call it over here, it's this small circle of people that sit and develop together. And it's really, it's very traditional from, you know, 50 6070 years ago, that's the way that mediumship was developed. So when I sat within that circle, it really just was there. It wasn't like I had to go looking for it, or think, well, we're gonna make it and this information from it was just there. The minute I started to talk, but the development of it was more about understanding how I was working as a medium where, where I was receiving this information. And really, I guess thing for me, which I don't think a lot of people study enough, is the foundation of understanding that we are spirit first and foremost, and how we can connect the other side.

Brian Smith  6:46  
Yeah, that's a good point. So could you talk about a little bit more that we are spirit, first and foremost, what does that mean to you?

Karen Docherty  6:53  
Yeah, so we all come from the Spirit side of life, you know, we are there before we come here. And then we are born into the physical. And that is why we all have psychic ability to varying degrees. Because in the spirit side of life, it's a mind to mind communication is a thought communication. So there's nothing physical. When we come here, and we are born here, most children up to the age of about five or six, display that psychic ability all the time, whether they're seeing people whether it's just things to pick up on. But the reason for that is that when they go to school, usually the five senses are developed. And the sixth sense just gets shelved, so they don't look at it. So we have in life, it might come to the point where you know, people feel that psychic connection and want to develop it at that point. But going back to where we come from, and why we are spirit when we are in this physical body, we are still spirit, and that's been all about emotions come from, it's where our inner knowledge comes from. There's not one person that walks this area that doesn't have their own intuition, their own psychic intuition, whether they call it a hunch, whether they call it intuition, whether they call it psychic, whatever we they look at that. It comes from somewhere with physical realms, it doesn't come from the mind, it comes from the gut feeling, which is the inner part of you, which is psychic, and the spirit part of you. So that is how we know that we are spirit in human form. And then when the body dies, the physical body dies to do whatever circumstance that might be, the spirit goes home. And then as soon as we are home, we know where we are, we know that we are home, in spirit, and we know that we continue to exist in a different realm.

Brian Smith  8:40  
Yeah, I think it's a really important point. And it's something that I really didn't come to understand until much later in life, that the pre existence of the Spirit, you know, I think a lot of us still think of ourselves as our bodies. Or even even in some traditional safes, people think that you're created in the womb, you know, and that's when that's when you come into being as a as an entity. But I think the reality is that we've always existed, that we are spirit. And that's, that's really important point that that that you made there that we become from spirit, we we have this physical experience, and then we go back into spirit.

Karen Docherty  9:20  
Yeah, I think, you know, there's so many different beliefs and there are so many different ways to look at things. And as you know, someone who does this, I understand that it's sometimes hard to get your mind around that concept, especially if there has been conditioning of other belief systems. So I think that that's not a bad thing if you don't know about their sword. Well, you know, if you're just exploring it, I think it's something that is a very personal thing. But I always say the lifeforce comes from spirit, the lifeforce the lifeforce doesn't come from the physical, it comes from spirit. And so we have So I've been there first to come here. And there are so many kids that talk about their, you know, memories sometimes and people will say reincarnation and call it different things. But sometimes it's just a memory of what went on before. So there is a lot of evidence and actually scientific evidence as well, that backs up the fact that there is a spirit or soul within the human form.

Brian Smith  10:26  
Yeah, so I want you to expand a little bit on what you just said. You said, some people have memories, and they'll call it reincarnation, but you seem to think it might be something else. What would that be? Yeah,

Karen Docherty  10:35  
well, reincarnation is a wide, wide topic. And people think that reincarnation is the same person coming back again, and reliving life as someone else. When it really isn't. Reincarnation comes from maybe the same spirit. So for instance, I am carrying on this earthly journey, and so that the spirit of me will go home when my body dies. But it might be a different emanation of my spirit that comes back here again. So it's not me, because I've lived this life I've had this time as Karen. And I've been I've learned what I've learned, and I've evolved in the way I have, and I've gone home. So there is no reason for me to come back here again. So when Bilgin particularly thought about, you know, memories of things that we couldn't possibly know. And a lot of the stuff checks out, you know, when people check the information out, it's there, it's validated. It's the connection to their spirit that they're picking up on. So it will be another emanation of their spirit that lived that life, but they are so connected. And that I think that's the important thing to remember is we are very, very connected to spirit, our spirit to the Great Spirit or source, whatever you might call that. But, you know, we, our minds can get very confused with how it all works. And I think sometimes, particularly with past life regression and things like that it can I feel it can sometimes do more damage than good, because then people don't know what to do with that information. And they don't know where to go with it.

Brian Smith  12:14  
I appreciate you saying that. And there are a lot of paradoxes out there. And a lot of people come to me and say, Well, what is true? Is it this or is it this? Do we live one life? Or is there reincarnation and and I've come to the conclusion that you have, it's really kind of both, I will never live again, obviously, as Brian. But there's like, There's levels of reality. There's like nesting, right. So the particular part of my spirit that chose this time to be Brian is only going to come here once but there's a greater part of me that still already back home that's lived all these other lives, and will emanate in other ways. But the connection is so tight, that we get confused and think it's we're the same. It reminds me of a friend of mine had a near death experience that she said she'd looked at, and she saw these people. And she's like, I didn't know whether they were other lives of mine, or people that I had known because I was so close to them, that they felt like me.

Karen Docherty  13:14  
Absolutely. And that makes complete sense to me, given what I the way that I work. But I think also that feeling of our soul family, we have to remember to that because we come from there, we already have our soul or spirit family that we are connected with, even if we never knew them in this lifetime. You know, they they're still there, they're still part of us, it still will feel familiar to us that we will feel the love from those people. So it could be that your friend was either seeing her family or it could be just an emanations of her spirit. It could be either, but I really like the way that you know, they looked at that, because sometimes I think, like I said, it's it gets very confusing. There's so much information out there that I don't know if people know what to believe or what to look at. And sometimes actually, it does more damage because then people just can't, you know, perceive that information. So then they just say, Oh, it doesn't exist or it's rubbish, or it's, you know, the big can't have that belief, which is a shame.

Brian Smith  14:18  
Yeah, exactly. People get they get caught up in the details. And we think we want to know all the answers, I don't first why don't we can even understand it from the human perspective. Because the things we're talking about are concepts that are beyond us. How can I be an individual and a collective at the same time, but I think we are. And you have to look at the overall picture, the overall message and lesson is that we are spirit, we come from spirit, we go back to spirit and I tell people don't get caught up on the details of whether you're coming back here and not worry about that once you get there.

Karen Docherty  14:49  
Absolutely. I think again, that's why you know, with past life regression and things it's very interesting. Of course it is but how do we even know what's coming from the subconscious mind kind of something that we might have picked up on from a TV show or, you know, we don't we don't know that information. So it can't be evidential as such, some of it might, can all be. And like you've just said, I think that people get caught up in either what happens after this life what happened before this life, but we have to realize that we are spirit in this life. And this is our time. You know, this is Brian time, this is Kevin's time to exist in this world and see what happens. Without getting too taken up with the before and after as well.

Brian Smith  15:36  
Yeah, well, it might be what Jesus said, You know, there's enough trouble for today. Don't worry about don't worry about tomorrow. So we this this life is this life is one life, you live this one life this at this time, and then worry about the other stuff, you know, at that time. So you mentioned that, and I think everybody kind of knows as mediumship can be healing. So what's your experience with people coming to you? And getting readings? And what ways does it help them heal?

Karen Docherty  16:05  
So yes, mediumship is for healing purposes, it's not for any other purposes, not for, I mean, there's many different ways to read, of course, but any, any reading that you have with a medium should make you feel uplifted and make you feel better, and maybe give you a clearer vision on things. So if someone was coming to me for a reading that was coming for things about their own life, maybe they need guidance, maybe there's something going on in life, that's tough for them, that would be under a psychic reading, I would help that person and give them the guidance from what I was receiving from spirit and from what I was picking up from their own spirit and what was on their path. So that then gives them healing, because they will be feeling so much better, so much clearer and kind of empowers them to live their life. If someone comes to me through grief through losing someone, which is obviously the mediumship part of things, the healing that comes from that is quite amazing. And it's a completely different feel to the psychic. So when it's a mediumistic reading, uh, you know that there is help going on for both sides of the veil. So when I connect with spirit, as that part in the middle, I can feel the loved one and spirit receiving some nourishment from that communication, I can feel the person in front of me receiving the same nourishment from that communication. And I'm talking about soul nourishment, where that is needed something that needed to happen in that moment to help them through their grief, or help them understand that their loved one is okay, and that they still exist, and that they will see them again. And even situations that might have come up where there's been conflict and a family and someone passes away. You can heal that too, you know, just by having that conversation between spirit and the person in front of me. So there are many different ways that mediumship heals. But ultimately, when whenever I'm with someone, and they leave me, I know that there has been a great healing that takes place. And it's not a healing, that's just in that moment, the healing that goes on and on and on. Because it's empowering somebody that then they're living a better life, because they know they're making their decisions, are they feeling more settled? If it's mediumistic, I know that when that person goes away, that information will be processed, they will have a stronger belief system because they've had evidence that their loved one is there. And it means that they themselves can connect with their loved one. And that does wonders. Pearson here. But for me from a medium side of it, it also does wonders for the person and spirit because they also then feel like they go through, like, yes, we got through, we got that communication forward. My daughter knows how much hang there or whoever it might be, you know, and I think for them, I can feel the joy and spirit when I make a connection for them.

Brian Smith  19:05  
Okay, because we don't, we don't often think of the person in spirit being healed. We think about mediumship for the healing of the person here. But and that goes to I guess the fact that the person is spirit because there again, there's another belief, I believe misguided that when people when they go into spirit, they forget about the Earth, they forget about, you know, here, they don't care if they've moved on. But I hear you saying that that's not the case.

Karen Docherty  19:28  
It's not the case. And if it was the case, then there would be no need for mediums. You know, there will be no need, there'll be no purpose to a medium. There will be no need for me to be born into this world to be a medium if that was the case, because I would be working against the tide the whole time. But actually, what happens is naturally born mediums are there to provide that bridge if they choose to do that. Because just because you're born to medium doesn't mean you have to do it. But usually it's a vocation. It's a calling of your soul that you can't resist and you can't ignore Word, and it's the most fulfilling thing ever. But our loved ones do not move on without us the walk among us, they are beside us every day, but they do go on and have their evolvement their life in this in this side of things. That doesn't mean to leave us.

Brian Smith  20:18  
Yeah, so, um, when people, you know, people go to mediums, and that's one way we can know our loved ones are still with us. But what about things like signs? How do we? How do we recognize signs? What kind of signs can we get? And how do we interpret them?

Karen Docherty  20:35  
There's a lot of genetic signs that you hear people talk about saw white feathers, certain types of birds, coins is another one I hear off and these are any genetic signs. No, it don't mean that they're not there. And they're not real. They are, they are real, and they can be real. But I think the biggest thing to understand about your loved one in spirit is that they will communicate with you the way that they know you will understand them. So it might be a piece of music that comes on you're thinking of them, and suddenly on the radio, their song concern, it might be that you feel their presence, but you can't see them, you there's no rhyme or reason for you to think that they are other than annoying that they are beside you. signs from Spirit are very subtle, they're not big, you know, they're not putting on a billboard is very, very subtle, where they, they need to use a lot of energy to make that happen. And it might be that you're driving along a street, you know, and it's a street you've never been on before. And then you look at the name of the street, and it's the name of the person in spirit, it could be any of these things, that spirit will influence our minds right at that point, to perceive and take as a sign. The biggest thing that I say to people is, don't discredit that, you know, I think because our imaginations, or our minds will kick in and see it's imagination, our mind will tell us that we are imagining the whole thing. Because just because he wanted to think that or feel that it's us doing all of this, because our mind is there to protect us. Right? So if I remain doesn't understand where that coming from, then it will tell us it's not real. And so we have to be strong enough tend to go into our spirit, and our gut instinct, intuition, and feel that that was real. And we have to believe in that. And the Spirit one and person in spirit will be overjoyed that that same and that message and communication got a loved one.

Brian Smith  22:44  
Yeah, you know, it's interesting, because I've talked to a lot of people. So I don't, I don't get signs. And typically once I dig into that conversation, and little say, well, except for this and except for that. But I think it can be confusing to people because they want to, we want to have like a dictionary of signs. These are all the signs I could possibly get. So it and they'll say, Well, that can't be a sign that, like you said, I'm driving down the street with the same name on it or a song coming on the radio or you know, that science can come in a lot of different ways.

Karen Docherty  23:17  
Then when my mother passed away to spirit. Seven years ago, my sister and I had bought her concert tickets to see Barry Manilow who she absolutely adored in a way we bought them for our Christmas and it was in a way to kind of help kind of boost her and make her fight you know, and stay something to look forward to. Anyway, she passed away in the February and the concert was going to be in the June. And my sister and I decided we would still go. So on the morning of that concert, I got into the car. And as I put the video on I heard the DGC. And I've got a very excited lady on the line. And we're going to talk to her right after the song. And I say to my partner, this, this is a message from my mom. And he said, What do you mean? I said, I absolutely know this is going to be a message from my mom. When we the song played out. The presenter came back on and said Who am I speaking with? And the woman said Catherine, which was my mom's name. And why are you so excited today Catherine? And she said because I'm going to see Barry Manilow with my two daughters. Oh, wow. It was amazing. And I knew it was coming. I didn't know what was going to be said. But I knew it was going to be something because I just felt that connection. And then obviously when I met with my sister, I told her and that made the day amazing because we knew that my mom was there. Now, there was a real women on the end of that phone called Catherine and she was at the concert with her two daughters. So if I allowed my mind to come into it, I could make that logical I could see. Well it was you know, it was coincidence. You know, that woman was there and If I didn't know where my mind to come into that, because I absolutely knew that my mum had influenced me to switch the video on right at that moment in time, and listen to what they had to say. And that's how Spirit works not always the presenting the very physical thing. It could be that they are influencing our mind, or eyes or ears to hear or see something in that moment, that would resonate within us.

Brian Smith  25:25  
Yeah. So I think that's a really, really good point. Because we don't we don't understand how all this stuff works and sometimes spent as rational people, we think we're rational people, we're like, well, since I don't understand how it works, it must be a coincidence. But it happens so often. And I know in mediumship, like, for example, I can gallery readings, someone will say, I've got a person here whose name is whatever. And they, they, they I was at a meeting demonstrate rights much. And there's a connection to white roses, and there's this, and like four people will stand up and be able to take all those things. And it's like, how does spirit get us all in the same room, but it seems to happen?

Karen Docherty  26:03  
It does happen. And when I do my gallery readings, same thing happens we are I will give the evidence, put it out there. And there might be three or four people that can take that or I'm working with someone, and then someone else puts their hand up and says I can take all that too. And at that moment in time, I always say, Well, I'm with this lady's mother at the moment. But it means that your mother might be pushing it at the same time and just putting in something that you can take from this. And if you think about it, the spirit side of life help all of this communication happen. So quite often at a gallery reading, I will be working with someone and then someone else will come in, I know that that first spirit has helped that second spirit come forward, if it's needed, because sometimes the length is stronger with some and it's not so strong with others that can happen. It varies. But they will help one another. So it makes sense that if two people have very similar things that they can look at, then it makes sense that that will happen at the same time. Yeah, I've

Brian Smith  27:04  
seen that happen so many times. And some people are criticized so well, it's because the medium is giving out things that are generic. And it's and it's and it's not, you know, it's I've seen it be very specific things. It's just it's pretty amazing that that these people, like I said, they end up coming together, we don't we don't understand how it works. So

Karen Docherty  27:25  
I was just going to add that. John Edwards is a medium that I've watched. Since I was a teenager, I loved John's work. And it just seemed that when he spoke, I it resonated with me. It's like when I talk about spirit, I already knew that information. So I knew that we were on a kind of similar wavelength with things, the remaini Gallery leaders that I would watch of heads. And it would be that the information was so specific, like you said, but two people could take it. But more than that, they were usually sitting together and they were strangers. You know, we sat next to one another. And it's quite unbelievable in some ways, but it happens. So you're absolutely right.

Brian Smith  28:09  
Yeah, well, again, it goes back to we think we understand the physical world. And we think it's all cause and effect and rational. And there are influences going on that come from outside the physical world that we just we don't understand. So we either shut it down and say it was just coincidence, or it's my mind making it up. As opposed to accepting yeah, there's, there's a higher order of things that we live within. And we can we can, we can tap into that and we can accept it and it becomes pretty magical.

Karen Docherty  28:44  
That is the word that I use all the time as magic. It's something that that word speaks to me because I just feel on every level with what I do with my mediumship it just is like magic. And it brings so much to people it brings. So I mean, I'm lucky it brings so much to me, you know, I'm very lucky and blessed to be able to be part of it. And it's difficult. Sometimes it's not the easiest road at times doing mediumship it's a you know, it's a big responsibility. It's something that ethically and morally you have to take on and make sure you're doing what you're supposed to do and not doing more damage or not. You know, you're dealing with vulnerable people. Sometimes you're dealing with people who are dealing with grief, incredible grief. And so you have to be so aware of that and very humble about it. But at the same time it's such a blessing. I would I would not like it at all if I couldn't do this if I woke up one day and it wasn't there. I just would not be settled with that.

Brian Smith  29:45  
Yeah. You found you said your Do you feel people in grief of course. Have you found that deep grief can block the communication?

Karen Docherty  29:53  
No, never. And I think this is another thing that's out there quite a lot. I think we're Maybe someone's been through a reading and it didn't work. And unfortunately, sometimes the mediums that have been the ones to say, or it was blocked, or, you know, they couldn't get through because of the person, whatever emotional state they were in. For me, that makes no sense. For me, when someone comes to me, even if they are in the deepest belief at that point, I will still be able to get a communicator through, I will still be able to help that person. But I would always recommend to people that they go for a reading when they are emotionally able to deal with it, because it's not, for my sake, I will still get that communication. But you don't want someone going away still in an upset list. You want someone to walk away feeling like they had a good reading, you know, a biology doing something that helps them. And sometimes I think, you know, I get asked a lady messaged me last week saying that her mother just passed away. And it was sudden and unexpected, and she wanted a reading that week. And in that circumstance, I would always say no, like, please go away and just process what's happened. You know, because this is a big deal, you have to process that and I am here, I'm not going anywhere. So I will be here when the reading needs to take place. But you have to take care of the people here too. And sometimes I don't know that someone in emotional distress or deep grief, can take it in the same way and process it which which is a shame, because then the spirit person knows that of their loved one, they know that the loved one is in that place. They want to come and help them. But I don't think the reading has the same effect if the person is in the depths of grief. And it's

Brian Smith  31:45  
interesting, because I've heard other people say, okay, but the person on the other side, it has to be six months, or it has to be you know, whatever. That's such a

Karen Docherty  31:55  
myth. You know, I heard that too. Before I done my mediumship the old traditional way was or it's one or two years or, you know, and I used to think how does that make sense if we go over to spirit, you know, and I used to try and play about with it in my mind and try and understand. And then when I started doing my mediumship I very much understood because there was one day I was reading for four people, one after another, and the lady's house. And at the end of it I only ever did for as a maximum because it is quite depleting of energy when you're doing readings as well. And it makes sense to me, please could read for my friendships just came in. And I said no, I don't normally do that. And these, I don't want to leave it out. And I said, Okay, I'll give it a go. Because the lady sat down, I received communication straightaway, I told her who I had the name of the person, his wife's name, that you had two daughters that he died on an aeroplane from abroad. He'd had a heart attack, and given all the information, and she just was looking blank. And they said to her, Well, I'm so sorry, does this not make sense to you have maybe picked this up wrong, or it's not for you. And she said, No, make sense. But he just died this morning. And it's my friend's husband. And so that was the same day that that man was able to make a communication with me. So spirit cut, and it's happened numerous times since then. I don't have a time limit. But the other thing I would say is if someone passes away, and it's been traumatic or unexpected, sometimes that spirit person I feel like has to deal with the emotions of suddenly being away from their physical life. So they still have to grieve for that physical life too. So sometimes it can be we are, you can pick up on the grief of that spirit, too. But it's not the same as our grief, it's a different kind of grief because we know where we are, we know that we will see them again, we know that we're still with them. So it's a different kind of thing. But there are emotional chromatics that situations that you feel on both sides. So although the can communicate, it's maybe a better reading if there's a little bit of time.

Brian Smith  34:03  
Well, you know, you just brought up another another myth. Let's say that when we crossed in the spirit, there are no negative emotions that we can't feel sadness, we can't feel loneliness. We can't miss our loved ones. So what are your What are your thoughts on that?

Karen Docherty  34:19  
Yeah, I mean, I think that you have to remember that we are emotional beings, you know, and emotions and love come from the soul. So of course, when we crossover, we're going to still have those feelings. It's not I would say that there's no you don't cross over and you're in a place where you can't accept where you are. I think that there's a lot out there. You know, there's rescue circles and rescue mediums and things like that, that say they have to move people on into the light and all of that. That's not my particular belief. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but it's not my particular belief. Because I know that when we cross over, we know where we are, but but we still can be sad, we still can't feel like, you know, if you think about it, if if a father passes away, suddenly, he will still have those sad feelings that he can't hug his children physically, he will still have those feelings that his children are worried and upset with his dad, where is he, like, he's just been taken away from us. That Father in spirit is still going to feel for his family and feel as if he could help. And when again, when my mum crossed over, my sister couldn't really she accepted it. But she was so upset, she phoned me one day, and she was sobbing. And I said to her at that point, remember, mom can see this. And we have to remember that we have to help mom too. And that kind of startled that a little bit. And I said to this, I don't mean that, that your client is upsetting hope, because I really didn't mean that, what I meant, let's realize that Spirit also have got healing to do and spin it also have these emotions. So I was kind of telling her that to help her, which it did. And in the end, she said, I never thought about it like that. Nobody know that you have to be strong and get through things. And that doesn't mean that somebody shouldn't have grief and shouldn't solve their heart. You know, if they've lost someone, that just means that we have to realize sometimes that's happening on both sides. The healing over on the other side is slightly different. Because it like they know where they are, they know their home, they know that this physical life is a very short spec, you know, in the grand scheme of, you know, and there's no word. Remember, there's no time and spirit. So there's no physical time, there's only time in this state of life. So when someone if someone crosses over, and it's another 20 years for you cross over for that 20 years, the minute you're with them again, it's like you've never left, it's like you've never been apart. That's why spirit often come through mediums and say, Go and live your life. Don't worry, I'm here, go and live your life, live your best life live for me. And then I will see you again as because I don't lose any time.

Brian Smith  37:13  
Well, what you just said, just gave me goosebumps. Because just yesterday, I was talking to a father who son passed away at 18. And it's only been a year. And the guy of course, is distraught. And he's like, he's missing so much, you know, I just he's missing so much. So what come from what you give to a parent that says my child died young, and now they're missing everything, and I'm going and living my life.

Karen Docherty  37:42  
Just again, I would say you know that that's the first thing you have to know is that they're not missing out. Because obviously, children should never cross or their parents, you know, that's not the natural way that it's supposed to happen. So it's always, you know, I think it's the biggest thing that anyone could deal with in this life, you know, as losing a child. So we're always going to feel like they were only 18 they had a life ahead of them, they didn't get to live their time out here didn't get to live their life. And they're missing things. And here I am living without them. And just getting on with normal life. I would always saves remember that time thing that there is no time, but there's no divide. That time that you feel you're doing here and physical yours is not happening on the other side. So the minute you are with your son, again, it will be like no time has passed, it will just be the small connection, you have to also remember and that that the child so the 18 year old that's on the other side, he won't feel like he's missed out on things, he will know where he is. And he will understand that you didn't get as long here as hoped or planned or, you know, whatever that might be. But it wouldn't mean that he doesn't evolve on either side. And the other side is a world of thought. So we still get to do or think about the things that we love. And you know, that's how the jokes come about of people saying oh, you know my mum will be lying on a beach in Spain somewhere you know, having a glass of wine or something. It's because if we think about that over there, then that's where we are. So they don't miss out they still Evolve is still develop, but the day that you see them again, it's like there has been no time. Yeah,

Brian Smith  39:28  
I think these are really interesting points. And and I always have to be careful because people will sometimes especially people, grief will take them and run to an extreme. So if you say like, I think one there's good intentions when people say well, people on the other side don't have negative emotions because then we don't have to worry about them. But it makes sense. We're still human and I the way I look at you tell me whether you agree. I think they feel bad for us. Because like you said they know where they are. They know we're gonna see them again. They know it's like no Time to them. But they look at us and they see us grieving. And it's like when a parent looks at a child and your child's on the floor throwing a tantrum, you feel really bad for your child. But you know, it's just a tantrum. And you know, it's just because they couldn't have a cookie. And I think that's, I think that's how it is for when people in spirit look at us are like, and that's what they say to us. Go live your life, everything's okay. Everything's gonna be alright. It's fine. It's fine and grieving is okay. Breathing is natural. We're supposed to grieve. I know, people, like you said, when your mother passed, it sounds like you went are going through have gone through a grief process. So it's normal. So don't feel like also that like you're blocking them by grieving, because I've heard that too.

Karen Docherty  40:41  
Yeah, no, you'll never block anyone by grieving grieving is part of loving that person. And that is you have to express that what whatever we that you need to express that you you will see that people grieve very differently. Some people just they're able to pick up and get on with things other people could be in the for a long, long time. So we all deal with it very differently. And no one you know, no one should worry about that. That is a completely natural place to be. But if we are truly connected to that loved one and spirit, which we are, then we have to understand to that, no, they don't want us to stop our life here because their life stop here. They want us to go on and do the things that give us the best life that give us that experience here that we should have. And I think you've made a point there. And I agree with that, that it's more about leaving the loved one, it's more about knowing that they will suffer. So my mom was out before she passed. So she we knew that she was going to pass and my mom's fear all the way through was about leaving her kids and our grandchildren. It wasn't necessarily about dying. It wasn't necessarily I mean, obviously, she's sad, because she's not going to be here and get delivered. She was young, you know, she was 61. That's young to pass to spirit. But you know, I had a conversation with my mom about that at the time. And I said, you know, you're, you're young, you know, this is awful. And we were talking about it. And she said, Yeah, but you know, there's children that pass away, there's people younger than me, I've had 61 years in this lifetime, you know, and she was very positive. So she wasn't frightened to go, she knew there was an afterlife, but she was frightened to leave her family, too. Sometimes it's more about that feeling of watching them suffered or knowing that they will suffer because of the but unfortunately, you know, it is it is part of life. And as much as I don't think things can be prevented, sometimes, you know, people say, Well, maybe it was supposed to happen. That's another thing that I hear a lot in my mediumship that people will say, you know, like I was speaking to a woman last week, and her son passed away at 18. And she had asked me was that the band was that his life's journey. That's not something I believe he passed through an accident. So for me, I was saying to her, that was an accident. That's exactly what it was, it was an accident. But it can't come in and change the physical things. Sometimes, you know, like, my mom had cancer. Now, if spirit could come in and take that cancer away, they would do it right, because they're not what they want be here as long as possible. But that can't happen. Because unfortunately, that's the human side of things. That's the physical realm that we live in, and physical things happen. So I don't necessarily believe things, you know, people are meant to portray at that point. There's different beliefs on that. And I respect every single one of them. But personally, for me, that didn't make sense to me.

Brian Smith  43:46  
Yeah, and that's one of those ones that I still wrestle with, because people are very adamant about either everything is planned, or nothing is planned. I kind of think it's somewhere in between, I think there's, I think there's an overall arch of our life. There are things that are a lot more probable than others. And I think spirit of winter use that term is really good at calculating this probability. So this is what your life is probably going to go. But there's also freewill. And there's sometimes stuff just happens. Absolutely. So

Karen Docherty  44:18  
he will take us through a lot, you know, like, and that should, because that is what we are here to do is have that female and have that human experience. But the soul knows everything. And I think if you think about people that have passed away, unexpectedly, but just you know, an hour before the man phoned his wife to say, I love you, and he never does that on his way home from work and then unexpectedly passes away. The soul knows the soul knows coming up, but that doesn't mean it's planned, but the soul still knows. So the soul will prompt something like that. You know that I love you. But it doesn't mean that the conscious mind knew that it was going to happen.

Brian Smith  44:58  
Yeah, well, again, we can get in some of these dilemmas because I know a lot of times spirit will tell us something that's coming up through through a medium or through a dream or whatever. But then there's we also know that sometimes spirit is surprised. I've heard some mediums say, Oh, they always know like, six weeks before you cross over or something like that. But I've heard people have near death experiences is like they get there. And then they turn around and like, Wait, you're not supposed to be here. And it's in the back.

Karen Docherty  45:21  
Yeah, and, and your spirit will always fight for that survival, I think, you know, the human part of you will fight for survival. So if someone has a near death experience, and they do kind of go into that place in between the two, and spread at sea to them, you're not you're not supposed to be here, or like turn back or whatever it might be. Or they felt themselves that they didn't want to go at that point, and they fight to come back. And again, that's a freewill thing. And that's a strength of spirit. And the same goes for someone who passes away, like my grandfather passed away. When we went with him. We'd sat with him the whole day. And I had said to my mum, you know, I think he's going to go when we're not here, he doesn't even go when we're next to him. And he won't you'll, you'll just not do it, because he won't want us in the room. And that's exactly what happened. And in fact, I called her that night and say, and this was years before my mediumship. And I called her and said to her, Well, you have to go back, I have a feeling he's gone tonight, you have to go back. And she said, No, no, he's fine. He was settled, you know, and she just wouldn't listen. And he did pass away. And then afterwards, she said to me, why didn't I listen to you? And I said, you weren't supposed to, like I was obviously picking up on the feeling of him moving in some way or detaching in some way. But that can happen with your own sixth sense about something as well, like, I was in a car crash, unfortunately, last year, and it was only me in the car and Caravan into a field said, and I couldn't pull it out. But what happened, or that I was traveling for an hour, and I kept thinking, what would I do if I was trapped in a car? What would I do? Would I get out be able to get out and I kept going through? And then it kept kind of bringing myself to again and saying, Why are you thinking that that's a really negative thought, push that Oh, you don't want to be you know, thinking like that. And then an hour later, turn the corner feel scared, I went straight into a wall into a tree and the car was a complete wreck. And I didn't want scratch on me. So I knew after I thought curtain you were being told you were being told and you of all people should have listened. You of all people should have realized this was some message and just being careful, slow down, whatever it might have been to go down that corner. But I didn't. Because the human side of me was thinking about what am I going to buy for tea tonight? You know, what am I going to do with the kids at the weekend? So there's your soul will always speak to you whether it's this side of life, or that side of life, it will always be there.

Brian Smith  47:54  
Yeah, absolutely. Well, yeah, there are there's there's this prompts that we have some times and then we get again, we get back into weekend, can we avoid things or not? And why did we get them and I don't know, it's interesting, because there's a woman that had capacities, visions that she was going to die in childbirth, and for very specific thing and kept telling her husband and her doctors, everybody. And they're like, Okay, you're just making this up. This is all in your head. And finally, she convinced one anesthesiologist to at least bring in an extra crash cart or something. And of course, she had that exact condition she thought she was going to have. And it's an interesting dilemma, because she just knew she was going to die. And just like well, it didn't she did die, but it was only for like 37 seconds. And then we're able to bring her back because she had the vision. So again, it's like, was it prayed Dustin was a prayer Dame was she supposed to save herself? We'll never know.

Karen Docherty  48:47  
Yeah, and my view on that would be that her soul absolutely knew what was going on. And she wasn't supposed to or so then that warning was there and she listened to and I you know, I had an ectopic pregnancy and knew it was ectopic and told the doctors that after getting the positive pregnancy test, this is not gonna go as planned. This is ectopic. And they looked at me like, why are you saying this? It's all fine, you're fine. Your bloods are fine, everything was fine. And I sent me home and I phoned again and said, I promise you this is a topic I can see. I know that I'm gonna have to come to hospital. No, no, no. And then three days later, lo and behold, rushed into hospital. The tube had ruptured, it was ectopic. They got me into surgery straight away. And and even the midwife who I'd spoken to came and apologized and said, I'm so sorry, I didn't think that there was no signs and I said it's not your fault. But I knew my knee that that was going to happen. So if it's a strong feeling like that for any listeners, if you have such a strong feeling, don't go into a panic about it, but try to kind of understand that you're not making this up. You know, this is some thing that's going on if it's as strong as

Brian Smith  50:02  
as bad? Absolutely. So we're getting short on time and really enjoy this conversation. I do want to ask you about spirit guides, because we've been told we have spirit guides. How do we know who they are? How do we get in touch with them? How can you help us with that.

Karen Docherty  50:20  
So we all have a spirit team. Regardless of what we do in life, we all have a spirit guide or spirit team, and it's different guides at different times. So it's almost like being in you know, elementary school, you wouldn't have the same teacher that you would have in college. So it's a different kind of teachers and guides come in at different times, depending on what you need. The, I always say to people, don't panic about trying to get in touch with your guides, this is another thing that's out there, you know, you need to know your data, you don't really need to know who they are. But if you do know who they are, you can create a really nice relationship with them. So if you do want to, you know, connect with your guides, meditation is a great way to do it sitting in the silence, creating that space for yourself, that's just you. So it might just be a walk in the park, you know, it might just be sitting outside in the sunshine, it could be central meditation purposes, the way that you do, it's about creating that quiet space for you just connect with yourself first and foremost. But then to put the thought out there to your spirit team, please come forward, I would love to connect with you. And they will do it at the right time.

Brian Smith  51:30  
Yeah, that's one of those things that I'm really into. Or it's interesting to me, because I guess if we were supposed to know who our guides were, and they were supposed to talk to us directly, they would. So I think there's there's that kind of goes back to freewill, that kind of goes back to if you look at it, like this was like a school or whatever, you don't want someone telling you all the answers to everything all the time, right, we're here to we're here to figure something to stop for ourselves. So the guides are there to, I think kind of keep us not too far off the path. But they're also not here to do that for us.

Karen Docherty  52:00  
100%. And that's I say to my students all the time, don't become obsessed with who your guides are. Because if they are going to come in, so that you know them, then they will do that in their own time. And you will realize that that connection is there. And through mediumship, obviously, through my work, and over the years, I know quite a few of my guides now. And I do have a lovely relationship with them. I can't speak openly to them and feel them coming in and feel the different ones coming in and out. But that's taken a long, long time to get to that point. And it's mainly for the purposes of helping my mediumship it's not really for the purposes of helping me with my human life. You know, I have to figure those answers I just the same as everyone else.

Brian Smith  52:45  
Yeah, I think that's the point. That's why we're here has to figure those things out. It's been really great getting to know you. Let people know how they can work with you and how they can reach you.

Karen Docherty  52:56  
So anyone can reach me at Karen And at that website, you can connect with me for personal consultations or for mentorship, or courses. And I think there's a big interest out there for mentoring purposes. My mentorships are one to one it is me and the student I don't take a lot of students on because I feel that anyone looking at building their psychic link or their mediumship. There's, I felt in the early days for me there weren't a lot of teachers that were doing the one to one it was like genetic courses. And so that's why I do my mentorship so you can connect with me for that cat in or for courses or for personal consultations.

Brian Smith  53:42  
Awesome, Karen, really great talking to you today. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Karen Docherty  53:47  
Thank you so much for inviting me it's been an absolute pleasure.

Brian Smith  53:51  
I'm excited to not have a great new resource. It's called Jim's four steps to move from grief to joy. And what it is it's four things that I've found that I do on a daily basis to help me to navigate my grief. And I'm offering it to you free of charge. It's a free download. Just go to my website, www dot grief to G m s and grab it there for free. I hope you enjoy it.

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