Grief 2 Growth

Heather Allison- Awakening The Divine Feminine

February 18, 2023 Season 3 Episode 15
Grief 2 Growth
Heather Allison- Awakening The Divine Feminine
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Heather is an Activator of those who are here to be Activators, the Divine Feminine guide for Divine Feminine guides, a Destiny Accelerator for those who feel they are here for a bigger impact, a more beautiful life, and a Sacred Purpose.

She is an only child who has always had a simple life, a rich inner world, and animals as companions; a Pisces, a Manifestor, a Life Path 9, and a Fire Dragon – in other words, the perfect candidate to have a sudden Spiritual Awakening at the age of 40, and then start teaching the deep Feminine, Archetypal, Energetic and Consciousness principles she receives from what she calls her Cosmic Team.
IG @iamheatherallison

Some of the things we discussed.

What the Mystery Is & What a Mystery School Holds: Everything we crave as humans is found in the Feminine Archetype and the Mystery
Letting Ourselves Be Guided by our Soul: She is the one who has the ‘map’ for everything we desire.
Misconceptions About What Feminine Energy Is: It’s not what you wear, what hobbies you enjoy, or anything else ‘external-facing.’
The Delicate Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energies in Partnership: Why romantic / love relationships fail when the Feminine Energy is mis

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Brian Smith  0:00  
Close your eyes and imagine what are the things in life that causes the greatest pain, the things that bring us grief, or challenges, challenges designed to help us grow to ultimately become what we were always meant to be. We feel like we've been buried. But what if, like a seed we've been planted, and having been planted, would grow to become a mighty tree. Now, open your eyes, open your eyes to this way of viewing life. Come with me as we explore your true, infinite, eternal nature. This is grief to growth. And I am your host, Brian Smith. Hi, everybody, this is Brian and back with another episode of grief to growth. And today I've got with me, Heather, Allison. And Heather is an activator of those who are here to be activators. She's a divine feminine guide for divine feminine guides. She helps people to kind of find who they are to find out what they need, what they should be doing in life or what they're here to do. She had a such a sudden spiritual awakening at the age of 40 years old. And she started teaching the deep feminine, archetypal energetic and consciousness principles that she teaches today. So I'm gonna keep her bio pretty short. I want to bring Heather in and just let her talk about her story herself. So with that, I want to welcome to grifter growth. Heather, Allison,

Heather Allison  1:27  
thank you so much. Super happy to be here.

Brian Smith  1:29  
Yeah, it's really good to have you here. Hi, there. Most of my audience is are people who are kind of looking to find themselves trying to figure out why we're here, all those types of things. But I always like to start off when I have guests on because people want to know who you are. So tell me about your story.

Heather Allison  1:47  
Yeah. We kind of alluded to this in the in our little pre chat, that I know, you shared that a lot of the people that you have on here kind of tend to have like a large event that kind of kicks off their connection to something beyond something higher. And a lot of times some aspect of a really, you know, dramatic or or grief stricken event. Mine was, I daresay, almost mundane, and it's in it and how it happened. It wasn't but I really was just kind of, you know, doing what you do and live in your life and trying to figure things out and trying to find what my place in this world was and trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing with my life and all of those things. And trying to find love that was the right form of love, like I'd been divorced and had a really traumatic marriage. And left that had a couple of other relationships. And, and it was really through the process of trying to kind of figure out what was missing in my life, both professionally and relationally. That I ended up through a series of events, finding some work that just really resonated with me really strongly. And it was kind of based in this feminine, masculine energetics. And ultimately, I wanted to learn this work so that I could, you know, find a love relationship that was finally going to feel like the right one. And that was really my goal. And I resonated with it so strongly that I was like, I just want all of this information. So I actually went and looked at this woman's website, and I was like, does she I just want all of it. So how is there anywhere that she teaches all of it, and she was offering a coach training program. And I was like, Well, I have a job, I don't really care about becoming a coach, I didn't even know it wasn't like an industry at that point. And I signed up for that I ended up getting laid off from my job the day before it started, which is about six months later, and was like, Okay, well, I'll just you know, those little nudges that you have from spirit from the universe that you're like, alright, so something's being orchestrated, perhaps because the timing was so, so interesting. And I went through that training and obviously immerse really deeply into this, this work this archetypal work in the feminine work. And about six or seven months later, I had a dream in which I was in an ancient Egyptian temple. And this man appeared to me and offered to be my teacher. And I said yes, in the dream, and he guided me deeper into the into the temple and took me into like a sacred room or a sacred library and showed me you know, these, like sacred texts and things like that introduced me to other other people who are going to be teaching me as well. And I woke up and I was just like, cool, cool dream. Northey, you know, I was like, that was amazing, but that was kind of the extent of my, my, you know, what I thought that meant, but a couple probably about a month later, I started having all of these things start happening in my in my waking life that were pointing back to this dream and things that were I had heard or been told or seen in the dream were showing up in my waking life. And I was like, Wait a minute. And so it was just over the series of like, very persistent messages and like synchronicities and and If things that were just showing up that I was like, I kind of can't ignore this anymore that this is, it was too much to be just coincidence. And so I sat down at some point and was just like, Listen, if if it's like, Is this is this guy actually trying to talk to me? Maybe there's something to this something's and I sat down and I meditated. And I was, with a lot of rules and a lot of parameters, because I was freaked out by it. Because I was like, I don't know, is this a ghost? What's happening right now? And, and was just like, you can, if you're trying to talk to me, then you can talk to me, and you can show me things. And you can say things to me. But other than that, like, this is my space. There's no you're not allowed here. And, and he did. And it was kind of, as I describe it, like, fall out of my chair, in awe with the things that I was receiving, and hearing and seeing, and, and it's just deepened and opened from there into other guides that are also on the other side, or higher beings or what have you. And, yeah, it's kind of been a continual journey of being mind blown and receiving the teachings that I now teach to my clients.

Brian Smith  6:11  
Yeah. Well, you know, you know, it's interesting, before we get started, I did mention to you, and a lot of my, my listeners and myself, were kind of cracked open by a specific event, but it doesn't always have to be that way. And the other thing is, Grief can come in many forms. So it can be something like the loss of a marriage, or the loss of relationship, or even just that general feeling. Like, I don't know why I'm here. This is not this is just not satisfying me.

Heather Allison  6:41  
Yeah, I agree. And that's actually something I was gonna mention is, I did completely lose myself in my marriage. I mean, I was I was an absolute shell of the woman that I had been before I entered it. And I talked about it as being kind of like, encased, I felt like I was encased in like three feet of ice, like I just it was, there was no reaching the real me in that in that relationship. And it took a long time to kind of come back out of that. So I really did feel like you know, loss of innocence, loss of who I was loss of my essence loss of, you know, what I would I had thought was a really beautiful relationship was very much not. And then ultimately, to kind of the, the grief aspect that I feel like I experienced most often is the last one that you that you talked about, as far as like, my, my spiritual journey is this. This like ache that is I know that there's something that I'm supposed to be doing here. Like, I know that there's something in my bones that feels like it wants to come through that feels like it wants to be lived into that feels like it wants to be expressed. And it is so painful like that, for me like this deep existential pain of of what if I miss that? Or what if I don't understand what that is? What if I get that wrong somehow, what if I, I am being kind of so much in my forgetting, if you will, in this, you know, lifetime that it just passes me by and I never, I never get a chance to be that fulfilled that from it's like this existential kind of like, Soul separation, grief, if that makes sense. That's actually a lot of what I do. And my work really is I call it a destiny accelerator, just because that sounds great. But, but it really is like the you know, helping women come into the calling that they can feel, whatever that looks like in their life. That deep calling that would feel like death, and like absolute, like severance between self and soul if you actually weren't able to bring that into manifest.

Brian Smith  8:41  
Yeah. Well, that's I think that's really interesting that we were talking about that you said that because I just recently put up a podcast I did with someone named harmony, Quaker, and she talks about this separation from herself. And so again, that's another type of loss. It's another type of, of grief. And I think when we come into this world, we do take on the veil, we take on the forgetfulness and this is a little I think it's a game we kind of play with ourselves and see if we can get it back. And until we get back to that, if we listen to our souls, if we if we if we really, you know, slow down a little bit to figure out we're not this is not satisfying me. This is not making me feel fulfilled. And as you said, in your marriage, losing yourself which I think a lot of us do, we feel like we're always playing a role. And we don't know who our true selves even are anymore.

Heather Allison  9:33  
Yeah, yeah. And I actually believe I'm gonna do a see I see it to the same way you do, like kind of it is a little bit of this, like the great game, right is kind of the forgetting so that we can remember. But my experience of it too is that it's actually it plays such an important role. Just in in how we how we get to feel the things that we remember when we remember them. Like the the actual kind of Emotional activation that we have when, when there's the aha moment or when there's the, you know, peace of remembrance that drops in when there's the breakthrough, I feel like those moments are so much more embodied, because they're kind of, because it's those moments of popping through the membrane, if you will, like they're the, you know, if it was just, like, kind of have an idea, but then there's like, sort of a little bit of remembrance, it's like, it wouldn't quite have the same impact and like this, like that we, you know, it's kind of that gasp the feeling that we're like, oh, yeah, that feels like that's when it's like, rushes through our whole body. That's when it's really deeply embodied. And we can't forget it again, if that makes sense.

Brian Smith  10:40  
Yeah, I think that makes absolute sense. So. So when you, you went through this, and I was looking at your website a little bit, before we get on there, I guess you actually got on Google and started looking for so what did you search for on Google? I'm curious.

Heather Allison  10:54  
So there are two Google I'm not sure which story you're talking about. But in the first it was when I was just like I am. So cuz I've been married. And then I'd had two other relationships. And both of them failed. And I was like, What is going on? You know, I didn't know why I was like, either picking the wrong man, or it was just that I was somehow not, you know, able to hold on to a real, I don't know which one it was, or maybe it was a little of both. But I was kind of doing some of that desperate googling that you do in the middle of the night, when you're like, there has to be an answer, there has to be some kind of an answer. And that's when I found the that work by the woman that was basically kind of like the seed of me finding this feminine and masculine energy work. But the other googling thing that I did, and I'm not sure which one you're referring to, was, when my I call my cosmic teacher, that man who approached me in the dream, or now kind of speaks to me and teaches me from beyond the veil. When I remember one time, I sat down and I was admitted, this was probably like, within the first couple months of of starting to kind of learn from him. And he showed me a symbol. And I was like, feverishly trying to draw it in my journal, you know, trying to like get it to get it down. And I was like, I don't think I'm getting this, right. Like, this is not quite I'm not, I can't it was complex. And I was like, Can you help me google it, I just asked her to help me google it. And the music I happened to be listening to at that moment, I heard a lyric in it. And I stopped for some reason knew that that's what he wanted me to Google. And I was like, doesn't really make sense, because I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna get like, song lyrics. And, you know, the album cover and the art ain't no information about the band and stuff like that. But I did it because that's, you know, I'm like, Sure. And I hit Google Images, after I put in the, the lyric. And of course, you would expect, like, the first few are, you know, the album cover and whatever else that about the artists. And like, the fourth image over was the symbol that he'd shown me and I nearly fell out of my chair like it was the Sri Yantra, if you're familiar with it, so sorry, geometry mark, that I hadn't been familiar with until that moment, but I was like, I don't know how you just did that. But I have that conversation all the time. Like, I don't know how you're doing what you're doing with this is like, it blows my mind that those do feel like the biggest kind of like, well, I do a lot of what I call intuitive Googling, so I kind of make use of Google quite a bit. As far as you know, my, my cosmic team now sends me on kind of goose chases every once in a while, and like, you know, bread, bread crumbs that they give me and they end up taking me to more information through Google, which is kind of fascinating how it all weaves together.

Brian Smith  13:31  
Yeah, so it sounds like you, you've trusted your intuition there, you do trust your intuition.

Heather Allison  13:36  
Yeah. And I teach my clients this too, that there is kind of an art to that intuitive googling as well, where you just, you know, put in some search terms and see what you find when it comes to kind of, you know, symbolic meaning or what have you. But then it's not like you're, you know, doing like a research paper or you're finding all the information that you can possibly find, you're really like, letting yourself be guided into what you click into. And you're letting yourself be guided into what actually creates some some kind of resonance for you. And when you when you read it, again, I feel like this is this is like I mentioned, like the forgetting is on purpose so that the remembrance can feel like resonance. So that remember, remembrance can actually like vibrate us into kind of like a knowing if that makes sense. And so they do the same thing, even with those little tiny little breadcrumbs that we get as well.

Brian Smith  14:27  
Yeah, well, you know, I think we it's interesting this this this game that we play as I as I refer to it, I think it is I think it is like we come here to forget so that we can remember again, but we do we're never really alone, you know, and I think we a lot of times feel like we're alone. And when you open yourself up, you mentioned journaling, where you journaling before you had the dream of your guide.

Heather Allison  14:53  
If I was it was barely I mean I did I had some things but I mean I would probably go months and months and months without you know then something interesting would happen and I would journal about that but it definitely wasn't a practice and it definitely what I was not in the habit of having conversation if that makes sense. I've even done some work with a really dear friend of mine, Elisa Romeo, she wrote a book called Meet your soul. And so I did some work with her and met my soul, you know, through her work through her practice. But even that, I kind of felt like I was making it up. And so I really wasn't even in conversation with my soul. And in that way that she, she guides and suggest either so it didn't become something that I now I really believe like you're saying, like there's, there's communication, there's language, there's, there's a dialogue that happens like everywhere, everywhere, and there's so much support and there's so many beings and ancestors and spirit and, and energies that are here to support us and be a part of our team.

Brian Smith  15:53  
You just said something really interesting that I understand. But some people listening may not understand when you say meet your soul, because people might say, Well, I am my soul. So what does it mean to meet your soul?

Heather Allison  16:04  
Yeah, so and Elisa talks about this probably a little bit differently in her book, I do some of the same some similar work with my clients especially like now that I have a really deep connection with my team and my soul I've kind of started working with her and with my team a bit differently, but for me, it's like yes, of course we are our soul and our soul is us and but there is like you said there is this veil of forgetting there's this membrane kind of over you know, like if I always like to talk about it as being like the tip of the iceberg. We're just this tiny little piece or this tiny little bit of our of our soul or the consciousness that necessarily has to forget being the full remembrance of our soul. And so for me, it's really important to have a dialogue with the wholeness of her or him but you know, like the wholeness of most of my clients are women so I get in the habit of saying her but um, but be in dialogue with and understand the language and how she speaks to us in so many different ways in our bodies and our sensations and our dreams and our in our intuition and in our emotions even and so that and learn what it is that she's saying through those channels through those through those languages so that we can tap into her because I mean, I can't tell you how many times we even just sitting down on my mat to meditate like I would prefer like small me wants to do you know maybe work with a crystal or pull some cards or like whatever that might be like I have ideas about what I want to do or even just in my life or in my business small me has ideas small me has impulses small me has and there's nothing wrong with small me but you know what I'm saying like, I have I have small me has ideas and impulses and desires and things that I could pass off as being soul guided, but more often than not when I actually check in with her there's a different frequency that she feels different than just me, though she feels like like the whole voice the whole self, the Divine Self. She is like, she's the one who holds my map and I'm here remembering and, and receiving guidance about how to walk that path.

Brian Smith  18:15  
Yeah, I love that. She's the one that holds your map. I think that's really cool. Because I this is a relatively new concept for me and it's something it's something that I'm really just really started to dig into and understand is that that the small me that you talked about because that's that's the the human part of us. And we feel like when we're here that we are human and that we are and that we are just human, but I think there's a bigger aspect to us the the oversoul or the self with a capital S or avatar point and where you use higher souls and people use that our Higher Self that is the wise one the the Eternal One that kind of spins us off into this little piece of ourselves that navigates this world and we don't have the map as as the as the avatar that we are we're here

Heather Allison  19:07  
as much as we would like to think we do. We don't Yeah, exactly. And so she really in my experience of this is she and again I'm sorry like he or she you know you will but you she has a completely different tone to her voice than then what even your wise self brings to the table like I consider myself to be you know, I have a wide wise self as well but but it's a completely different tone of voice than than my soul like where where the more you work with your soul it becomes unmistakable. And most of the time she speaks to you in a way that like has you like oh yeah, like it has you like it vibrates you back to this like I hope I can Is it okay if I swear? Yeah. As you vibrate back into the space of like, oh shit, okay, like kind of that like, shakes you to the rafters United States tissue bases are the bone where you're like, I can't pretend, in my in my forgetting anymore, I can't pretend and my limited viewpoint and I can't pretend and my, my ego as well meaning as our egos are, I can't pretend anymore. When when we actually hear her voice, it's like, everything just follows away, all the facade just falls away, it can be hard to follow her guidance. Sometimes I have often have what I call human tantrums about the stuff that I received, but that's like, okay, but it feels like the deepest truth that we can touch. And so it's so powerful when we get to really fully connect her and start learning her language, and then stay in devotion to connecting with her because we do like to get back into our forgetting sometimes,

Brian Smith  20:45  
well, this, this veil, that we're under this, this illusion that we live in is very, very real. And, and the ego is here to keep us protected, and to keep us safe. And the ego wants comfort, and ego wants things to stay the same. And the ego just wants to, you know, in a heart, we don't want to go through hardships, you know, for example. And as I hear you, you speak, you know, we I think about like we talked, sometimes we talked about soul planning, and I'd like to ask how you feel about slow planning. But people will often push back against that and say, Well, I would never have planned this and the plug in an event. I would never plan this and the language I started using that was Yes, as a human, you never would. But as a soul, you might.

Heather Allison  21:29  
Yeah, completely. So when you say soul planning, do you mean like, you know that, like Orchestration by your soul?

Brian Smith  21:37  
Yeah. Do you? Do you think that our lives have an arc that that, that our souls plan, or we plan before we come here or anybody else?

Heather Allison  21:46  
Yeah, I think this is really complex. I really do feel like and this is one of the reasons why I think, you know, the, why it's been so profound for me in both, like, learning, being taught the mysteries through my team, but also teaching them now is it's never so easy as to find like a, what's the right template to kind of make sense of everything? It really it's so complex, and it's so full of paradox, I really believe that. Yes, there is so much orchestrated by our souls, including things that we as small selves, feel are really, really painful. There are also misuse of freewill down here. And there are people who are just assholes misusing that power, right. And so I it's, it's a, it's a combination of both like, there are definitely places where we're operating in a wound that our souls would never, quote unquote, have chosen for us. But I but the beautiful part about it is that in my experience, it doesn't really matter which one it is because we get to do with it the same thing, like the practice of how we navigate it is the same, which is, we can assume that it is for us, because it's here, just simply because it's here, and we can I just got chills. And then so we can kind of transform it into being something that helps propel us or helps grow us or helps ready us or helps empower us or helps open our eyes to something or helps make new choices or what have you. There was something else I was going to say in this, and I don't remember what it was. But uh oh, yeah, that's what it was. I have a funny little like anecdote that I always tell my clients. That is an I really feel like there should be somebody who kind of greets you here at the door, when you get here as a human, like when you're born and says, Hey, welcome to life, like, you're going to be uncomfortable here. Which form of discomfort would you like? Would you like the form of discomfort that comes of following your soul? Or would you like the form of discomfort that comes of not following yourself? Because she absolutely is going to have really uncomfortable things and even painful things for us to move through. It's just that it's, in my opinion, kind of coming back to that grief. It's like an existential grief and an existential pain when we're not listening to her when we're not following the path that she has in store for us.

Brian Smith  24:02  
Yeah, well, that's what I like what you just said, there. It's like, you want to choose the pain of following your soul or the pain of not falling yourself, because there we are going to have pain over here that the suffering I think is optional, but the pain is part of the I think it's part of the process. And the paradox is, you know, because people it's, you know, people say, what's one or the other. There's either freewill or there's predetermination. And which is, and I think the answer is both. I think that our souls understand that there's certain probabilities, that there's some things when we when we plan our lives, and we come into this particular body, with these particular parents and this particular nation, whatever we're born in, in this circumstance, this is a really, really good chance that these things are going to happen. But there's also our own freewill and the freewill of all the people around us. So I think unanticipated things can also happen but I think the overall arc is kind of planned. Yeah, and our soul our human part of ourselves. Let's say, Well, if I were going to plan this life, I'd make it really, really easy. I would just, you know, I don't, I don't want to go through pain, I don't want to go through suffering. But every single person that I've talked to on this program has gone through some sort of existential angst. And some of us it takes being hit over the head with a disease, or an accident, or, you know, even more I call those Yeah, and some people it's, it's more gentle nudging, it's some people it's like, I think it's like, our guides are like, no go that way. And they give you a little nudge, go that way, they give you a little nudge. And if you're open to it, you can navigate things a little bit easier, doesn't mean you're gonna avoid all the pain, but path might be a little easier.

Heather Allison  25:44  
Yeah, and, and like I said, if you kind of get into the habit of in the practice of the transformation, or the alchemy of the things that happen, regardless of how, you know, I also don't believe in kind of measuring grief or pain, or, you know, you just can't unless you're in somebody's experience, and in their mind and in their bodies, you just you can't compare. Also granting the fact that there are very much more severe forms of pain and things as well. But if you get in the habit of kind of in that of being in that alchemy, where you're where you're seeking to turn everything that's painful, and everything that happens into something, at least that you can, I kind of look at it as like creating the rungs of a ladder, like there's always a way that you can find that it is something that you can step up on top of that you can use to kind of propel you forward. And you don't have to be so like Stalinist about it and be like, I'm feeling pain, let's you know, like, you don't have to be militant about how you how you do this, like there's time for processing, and there's time for falling apart. And there's time for just letting yourself be like, in in the dissolution of, of grief and pain, and there's beauty in that as well, as much as it's horrendous. But there's, there's always I find that as long as there's the holding of the truth that this also can be turned into soil, you know, that this can be turned into fertilizer for growing something, and something beautiful, then, then we can face this. And that, for me is what creates like the the critical ease of, of navigating stuff like that. It's not that I honestly feel like what would be the point if we came here, and it was just to kind of hang out and not have any experience, I also feel like even just Separation from Source in the first place is painful. And so like, I just don't, I don't think it makes sense. If we're going to be in any form of separation, that there wouldn't be some form of, of that repeating, right, like, that's what we are really, that's what archetypes are about are like the repeating patterns that kind of echo out from source. So like there has to be there has to be some form of separation, but we can find a way to make that separation sacred.

Brian Smith  27:56  
Yes, absolutely. And I like what you also said about because when we get into these, these, these paradoxes, apparent paradox, people will get very adamant about like, it's one or the other. I happen to believe that there is a plan there's there's an arc that we plan that someone plans his plans for. It's just there's not punishment, like if you do a bad thing, you're gonna come back and you're going to experience this, but you might think you might choose to, but whenever, regardless of what you believe we can do, as you said, we can turn it into soil, whatever it is, that happens to us, even if it is just random, we can choose how am I going to use this to serve me? What can I learn from this? How can I let this inspire me I can let this make me stronger, use it to inspire other people, whatever that happens to be and there is a I just finished a book by a guy named Christian Sundberg it's called a walk in the physical and I love he has pre birth memories and your members, like when they put the veil on right? So he's a soul. And they put the veil on and he describes like the the pain, the emotional pain and the separation and the feeling of helplessness and all the things that we feel when we're human. And that's part that's part of the experience of coming here because we do feel separated most of us do feel lonely even when we're around other people.

Heather Allison  29:19  
Yeah, and I think that's like you're saying it's like it's really hardwired it's like baked in this I was getting chills as you're saying that but it's really baked into this experience because it is it is degrees and degrees and degrees of separation right in order to have a knee and you are me and they are all knees listening and you know in order to have that there has to be a separation of of selves and of consciousness and stuff like that so of course that's going to be heavy and and there's gonna be like there's something missing and that that I think is one of the keys are for me and in why I love this work so much is because that ache something's missing or I'm supposed to be doing something beautiful and profound and, and important and meaningful. Those like it is this connection it is this connection to higher to soul to, to the mysteries, while we also really deeply honor what's here and the mess and the again the the paradox, right? Like it's both mundane and it's mystical and like, Can we walk the path of both? And not one or the other? We are so just man do we want either or we really want the the answer that we can just kind of like nail down into the ground and go cool got it figured out. Like either or like it. We are so addicted to getting that. But one of the things I like to kind of bring into conversation when because you've mentioned this a couple times and people are like, no, it's either it's either predestined or I have freewill. And I think what we forget is how infinite the universe is, first of all, even the physical universe, but the energetic universe, and, and source and, and energy and all of that, it's what makes us think that it's so limited. Right? That it wouldn't that even like that those two things couldn't exist in the same it's like Choose Your Own Adventure, you choose this path, things, the path changes the the choices available, change that the twists and turns and the and the, you know, curves in the path change, you choose this one, and it's a different set of things. But but it is so infinite, that there's always the like, your soul, or your guides, or God or whatever, you want to believe that the infinite universe is always able to kind of put other things in your past so that you can choose again. There's Yeah,

Brian Smith  31:41  
that's beautiful. I love the way you said that I you know what I was looking for, I'm always looking for analogies, because we can't really grasp this whole thing with our tiny brains from our limited perspective. And I feel blessed to live in an age where we have video games and my daughter and I used to love to play video games. And I think it's I think that's a perfect analogy for where we're like avatars in the video game. And so the designers can plan out the arc of the game. And they've got the things that we're going to meet depending on which path we choose. But as a human being, there are billions of decision points. So every day, we're choosing a new adventure. And we always get a chance to make a different choice. So we we have an overall arc. And I think it's all good. I think it all ends up, we all end up at the same place eventually. But while we're in the adventure we get we get to play the adventure that we choose to play.

Heather Allison  32:30  
Yeah, and it's so cool. Because like we have aI now that we're actually starting to see that even things that we wanted to have, like the either or relationship with like, this is the thing I program it so it does this we're seeing the AI can actually learn and fill in, in fill in pieces where maybe you make a completely new choice. And it didn't have a plan for that route before. But now it's like, oh, but we can we can create this now. Do you know what I'm saying? And if a computer can do that, why would we think it's different with like, what we have no, like, no real, like nothing more than a sliver of understanding about which is like the the energetic universe or the spiritual universe, if you will.

Brian Smith  33:10  
Yeah, it's, it's, you know, it's funny, because my my back, I'm an engineer, so my background is engineering.

Heather Allison  33:15  
So great. I love it, that you're having these conversations now, too. Yeah. And the reason

Brian Smith  33:19  
I wanted to be an engineer, I realized years later is like, I want to write answers stuff. And my, my actual My daughter has a friend, young man, he's like, in his early 20s. And he's an engineer. And he so he came over, you know, and we were talking and you say, you know, Mr. Smith, what's the right answer? Should I buy a house or should I rent and if I if I buy a house? How much should I budget for maintenance, you know, because he wants to just have it formulaic and I'm looking at him I just kind of smiled at kind of see myself at that age going. That's not the way life works. You know, it's there are no quote right answers. It's a it's a mystery. It's always unfolding. And I'm learning more now about the our universe is not Newtonian, it's not just cause and effect there's a whole lot of mystery built into it, we get are all the freewill going on around us of all the other people. We have our own freewill. We've got our guides and our loved ones that spirit that are there, they're nudging things along for so there's a movie I want to watch again, I just thought about this, we called The Adjustment Bureau where it's like they're, they're always like putting little nudges and trying to get things to go the right way. And I think it's I think it's more like that it's dynamic.

Heather Allison  34:28  
Yeah, I completely agree. And it's like quantum physics Right? Like so. This is one of the I love it too. I don't consider myself to be a scientific person or an engineer although my dad was but but I actually love that this work feels like math to me it feels like science to me it feels like there's because we're working with archetypes there is a real intellect in them. That makes and there's a way of like understanding. You know, that duality that like either or like how how those how they Things work together. And I love that because they're it's almost like this mathematical equation that you can kind of make sense of it's a model basically to make sense of the mystery. But it's like, it's like quantum physics rather than algebra or something like that. And what I love about that, though, is that I see even quantum physicists who still scratch their heads about quantum physics, they like they don't really understand it, because there is no understanding it because it's still a mystery. And yet they study it. And they gain an understanding of it, like the kind of the mysterious and the paradoxical ways that works. And that's kind of the gist for me is like, when we start to work with the mysteries, we actually understand it on that level. So that we, that we're not sitting here with this like furrowed brow kind of trying to find the answer. We we find the possibilities, and then we have a lot more information to make our choices, because we actually understand the possibilities, if that makes sense.

Brian Smith  35:54  
Yeah, it makes a lot of sense. And I, you know, I try to understand it. From a scientific perspective, what are realize what most scientists, what they, what they miss is they think everything is material and everything is they still think in terms of Newtonian, like cause and effect. And so they found in the very small level, they found these quantum effects instead, but that only works on the very small. And I was listening to Bernardo Castro talk about Carl Jung's work. And what I've realized is I didn't understand I have right now. It's like, the quantum effect, I think so in the very works on the very small and on the very large. And that's what we don't understand, we think we have everything figured out, because we'll take a little piece of something. And we'll say, oh, cause and effect, this causes this. We don't understand it from a very large perspective. And I think that's where the quantum effects come in. That's where our guides and stuff have influences that they're, they're manipulating our universe in ways that we just really don't understand.

Heather Allison  36:51  
Yeah, I agree. And I think that's just because we're in it, right? We're, we're at this level, see it from what days like we're in the center of it. So of course, we can't see how it works here. We can kind of only look at the, like, the, the size that we have a relational understanding of but but we can't, we can't understand the full the full scope of everything here. Because we're in it. We're like, in the very center of it, right? Yeah.

Brian Smith  37:17  
Well, it's like you asked her guide, and I do the same thing. My daughter sends me crazy signs. And I'll say, How did you do that? You know, yeah, how does? How do they know to put you in the car at the moment the song is going to come on the radio? Or how do they know to you know, send you outside at the moment, you're going to meet the right person that you're going to meet? Or all these things? We don't we don't understand how that because it's it's operating on a level that's above the level that we operate on? Yeah. So we, you know, it'd be like, again, a character in a video game, understanding what the programmer is doing. The character in the video game has no concept of the programmer, except for what's going on in the game.

Heather Allison  37:55  
Yeah, yeah, exactly. The Matrix. But yeah, I've had experiences. So now that I do journal, I mean, I take I journal a lot. And I, you know, I constantly get downloads and teachings and things like that. So I have stacks of journals with so many things that I then kind of go back and look at and see what wants to go in my Mystery Schools and all of that stuff. But I remember, there have been a couple of things once where I was like, trying to find, trying to find what was that thing, you know, like, trying to go back through all my journals trying to find the thing, and I was getting so frustrated, and they couldn't find it. And I was like, Oh, fine. I'll just whatever I just give up. And I happen to look over. And I look and like the page facing up. That was my, my, one of my journals from like, months and months before was open to it was exactly what I was looking for. And I was like, I don't what, wait, how did, I didn't see it before when I was looking for it at all. And then other times where I've been guided to a particular date. And so I'll go to that date in my journal. And then they'll guide me to another date from there. And then like, those things will be talking to each other and unfold, like, unwrap some of this information that they've been giving me in a in a way that I couldn't have understood. If they tried to tell me back then. But now with these, it's just been I'm like, how do you guys do this? Like, I don't understand. It's really fun, though. I think that's one of the things that actually, I think that's another piece one of the reasons why we forget in order to remember is we get to have these experiences that are like, whoa, which keep us on this path of going like I'm going to keep paying attention, because it's kind of fun to have our mind blown, you know, and and I feel like sometimes if we didn't have that, if we didn't have that, that again, that kind of experience of remembering things, we wouldn't keep trying to hear more. We wouldn't keep trying to listen more.

Brian Smith  39:43  
Yeah, we get that sense of mystery, that sense of discovery that that humans crave. I think we crave that we crave adventures, you know, even in our lives, you know, we watch movies, we read books that always have the hero's journey. It's all You start off, okay, you end up losing something, you go to find it, you know, I don't know that I can remember all the details of the hero's journey, but it's a full circle. And once you understand that archetype, then you realize that's like the plot of every single movie that we ever watch. Because we're fascinated with that we're fascinated with losing something and finding it again, because I think it's built into our souls.

Heather Allison  40:24  
Yeah, we recognize it at a really cellular, visceral level.

Brian Smith  40:28  
Yeah. So tell me about how how you work with people? How does your How do you work with people?

Heather Allison  40:34  
Yeah, so there are, I guess, four ways of working with me. So my, my signature offering is the golden goddess Mystery School. And that's a nine month mystery school that I guide for women, I have started working with men, it's just more of a bit of a custom kind of thing. So that we can make sure that that we're, we're applying the work to to more masculine beings, if you will, in a way that feels like aligned for them. But yeah, golden Goddess is the mystery school that is the deepest and the most personal and the most of my, you know, personal support, I have a mini Mystery School called the spiral, which is a bit quite a bit you know, lighter in both the journey and the investment, but also personal support for me as well. And then I have my monthly tempo, which is called the inner sanctuary, which is kind of like if you want a taste of this work, if you just kind of want to get the vibes if you want to have some q&a kind of attention from me, as well as some great bonuses, that's a great place to start and then one on one. And that's really a bespoke, a custom experience. So whatever anybody wants to kind of create in that realm we can create together.

Brian Smith  41:44  
So I have to ask you this. Because I work mostly with women and interviewed a lot of women who either exclusively work with women or if you're going to the website, like your website, I see all feminine, the divine feminine. So what's what is the difference between the divine feminine and divine masculine if there is a divine masculine? And why the focus on the divine feminine?

Heather Allison  42:09  
Love this question. Um, there absolutely is divine masculine as well. And I think one of the biggest misnomers or misunderstandings is that like, like, the feminine is for women and the masculine divine masculine is for men, and it's not the case we have both within us, it's literally like the, the, the aspect of duality and how creation creates within us and through us. So we all have masculine and feminine. But the reason why there's so much focus, especially these days on the feminine is because she's the aspect of us that we've been vilifying and rejecting and burying and teaching ourselves or like being conditioned to and teaching, you know, one another to fear and to devalue in so many different ways. And that's from a really like deep archetypal, just like psyche kind of way, but also in really like kind of, again, more mundane aspects like suppression of emotions, fear of certain emotions, you know, it's not appropriate to have emotions in the boardroom. Intuition has been put on the backburner, like either dis believed or devalued, or just something that we don't think has any merit and worth in things like business or in things like, you know, more rational, linear, linear things that we do in this life? Our bodies, like how often do we prioritize what we think and what we, you know, like, the rationality over the rest of our body and what our body needs and how little we listen to our bodies these days. So it's, it's a lot. And so the reason it's, there's a focus is because it's more dire to bring her back into our awareness, an entire practice and entire embodiment, if that makes sense. But also because she is. She is everything internal, eternal, and expansive. And so starting with her beginning with her and really like starting to work with her again, men and women, we, we are touching into the things that are really truly most important and really, truly the things that we crave most like love, you can't put that on a spreadsheet and figure out how to have that, like, none of those things. Can we can we plot with linearity. And so if we, if we make more room for her to kind of be our guide, and then bring in our beautiful, sacred masculine to kind of take action for and be decisive about and be devoted to and uphold and, and like create the structure for what we want what we understand that we want or what our intuition is telling us or what how we feel or how we want to feel. That's that's the co creative aspects coming alive within us if that makes sense. We get very heady about this that because it's so much but I love it. So I get really excited about talking about it.

Brian Smith  45:03  
Oh, yeah. And that was a beautiful explanation. And I wanted to give you the chance to do that, because I definitely understand that I think the the last couple 1000 years, I don't even know how long it is the masculine energy. And again, it's not the male energy necessarily, even though males have dominated in so many ways, has driven out the feminine. And it's kind of goes back to what we were talking about before, trying to understand the universe as this rational, Newtonian place cause and effect, everything's about brute force taking action, as opposed to listening to what's within, you know, not trusting our intuition. Thinking that we can, we can study everything and analyze it, understand it from within the system, which is just crazy. And so I think it makes sense that we need to, to balance things out from these hundreds or 1000s of years that we've, we've neglected the divine feminine. And I think that's part of what's destroying our planet, and it's hurting our relationships, because we don't value that aspect of ourselves. And we all we all have, and we all need both.

Heather Allison  46:12  
1,000% Yeah, it's the reason why we also are, you know, think that we can, and should conquer nature, right? And like, you know, bend it to our will, if that makes sense. And like, have it do what we wanted to do rather than finding a way to be in this like one of her energetics, one of the feminine 's that are energetics is wholeness, but you can't have a wholeness when you only have it for part of the whole, you know, and so it's like we don't think about, about other people, let alone the planet and nature and other beings and things as important. It's very, it's become a very, like, well wholeness for part of the whole, but that's not wholeness. And so, it's been a very wounded form of wholeness. And so that's, again, one of the one of the other reasons why it's so important to bring her bring her in is because she is the embodiment of both and right rather than the either or, which is why there's so much paradox in this work, but it's so powerful, like when we can learn how to walk with paradox, both in our own lives and like existentially, spiritually, everything makes so much more sense. And it it becomes so, so much more fluid, and so much more ease filled, and so much more harmonic like the the gist of of the work I feel like I'm here to do is to really help us find Eden, right, really help us find and embody and live into the idea of like a heaven on earth, where we can actually be in harmony with one another. And we can I mean, I know that that's all very lofty for some people, like look at the state of this world right now. But you got to start somewhere. You gotta begin. Right?

Brian Smith  47:44  
Yeah. You know, that's, that's another one of those I think paradoxes, because I've heard people talk about, it's interesting, because I've actually interviewed some of the talks about living in the fifth dimension, some people say, we're moving into the fifth dimension. And then other people say, well, that's not what the world is designed to be, you know, this is supposed to be a 3d play. This is supposed to be a dualistic place, a place of conflict. And we, we kind of come here for this. So that's, that's a paradox that also, it's kind of like, it is what it's supposed to be. But we're also here to try to make it better. That's, I think that's our work. That's our practice. That's how we grow ourselves, is not by just saying, we're just going to accept it for the way it is, because that's where it's supposed to be. But how do we all work together to create a better reality?

Heather Allison  48:25  
Yeah, and that's like, goes back to what we talked about earlier, like, first part of this conversation was like, it's gotta be both mundane and mystical. It can't just be one or the other. And I think one of the things that gets missed in the whole like dimensional conversation, is it's not about getting from 3d to five D. Nor is it about only concentrating on the 3d, like, nobody talks about 40. And how 40 is actually the both and of those things. That is the bridge, it is the combination of them it is the harmonizing of them instead of like, these being places where I get to graduate from the 3d and get to the five D. What we're looking for, again, is like is the harmonics. Yeah.

Brian Smith  49:06  
You know, as you said, I realized, yeah, nobody ever talks about four D 35. D. Yeah. So, um, what? How would someone know that it's time to work with you, if they search within themselves? What would they what what kind of person do you work with?

Heather Allison  49:26  
Well, my favorite answer to that question is, is how a lot of women end up joining Golden Goddesses, they just feel something vibrating in them when they're listening to me or when they're reading some of my work. And they just kind of have this like, I feel like I'm supposed to be in there. And I don't know why. That's probably one of my favorites, because they're, they're actually starting to listen to the mysteries, if that makes sense. And when and taking honor, taking action in honor of them. But women come here for and like I said, I am starting to work with men more but women come here really for four different things that come here than the overarching one is they feel like something's amiss. thing or there's something big and important that you know, and like something that can only be found in energetics or in the mystical or beyond kind of what makes sense in this world that that is important for them to find or important for them to bring through. They come here either for love, whether that's to find love or to heal their relationships, they come here for business. So I have a lot of women who come here wanting to get out of like the old wounded, business tactics and business paradigm and things that have us really like just in this hamster wheel and like playing the game, and really like, like hustle mentality and all that stuff. And they want to find that more useful and more soul guided form of business. Spiritual, so women come here to have their connection to their soul and their guides and their cosmic team like I found, and to like, increase their, their, their ability, their vessel hood, if you will, their ability to be guided and their ability to receive from the mystical realms, and then personal power. So really just, you know, I've had women come with great deal of trauma or a great deal of kind of like feeling something's lost, or having patterns that they just keep living into in cycles they keep living into that are really painful for them, and they can't figure out how to how to shift those. And we do a lot of a lot of work and a lot of levels in here, including simply just finding you and being able to come back to the you that you know that you're supposed to be.

Brian Smith  51:23  
Yeah, awesome. Well, Heather, let people know how they can reach you.

Heather Allison  51:27  
Yeah, you can find me at Heather hyphen has to else.

Brian Smith  51:32  
Awesome. I really enjoyed our conversation today. Thanks for doing this and enjoy the rest of your evening.

Heather Allison  51:39  
Thank you so much. I did too. I love this chat.

Brian Smith  51:42  
Alright, have a good day.

Heather Allison  51:43  
Thanks. You too.

Brian Smith  51:44  
I'm excited to not I have a great new resource. It's called gems, four steps to move from grief to joy. And what it is it's four things that I've found that I do on a daily basis to help me to navigate my grief. And I'm offering it to you free of charge. It's a free download. Just go to my website, www dot grief to G m s and grab it there for free. I hope you enjoy it.

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