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Proof Of The Afterlife In 10 Minutes

January 24, 2023 Season 3 Episode 5
Grief 2 Growth
πŸ”’ Proof Of The Afterlife In 10 Minutes
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Someone asked me to make a five-minute video covering why I believe in the afterlife. After a few tries, I realized it would take at least ten minutes just to give an overview.

I've studied the afterlife for several decades now, intensely over the last 7-Β½ years. I am convinced, beyond any reasonable doubt, the "afterlife" is our real life, and it's more real than this reality we call home for a few decades.

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I've been studying Near Death Experiences for many years now. I am 100% convinced they are real. In this short, free ebook, I not only explain why I believe NDEs are real, I share some of the universal secrets brought back by people who have had them.

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