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Jane Duncan Rogers- Makes Predeath Planning Easy

June 23, 2022 Season 2 Episode 27
Grief 2 Growth
Jane Duncan Rogers- Makes Predeath Planning Easy
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Show Notes

No one wants to think about death, our own or that of a loved one. But, the reality is death will part all of us eventually. When Jane Duncan Rogers' husband got a terminal diagnosis, she realized it was time to do the pre-death planning, we all put off. After doing this, she realized what a gift it was for them and for her after he passed. Inspired by this, she started Before I Go Solutions which takes the pain and guesswork out of this chore we all know we should do.


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Jane Duncan Rogers was devastated when her husband died – this was not in their plans! Her greatest fear had come true, she was on
her own again at age 54, and without kids too. However, little did she know that 3years on she would have published a book called Gifted By

How could she be gifted by this terrible loss? And yet she was – and that has led her directly to what she does now. Her background of 25 years in the coaching & training field has been perfect for the now 6-figure not-for-profit she founded in 2016 Before I Go Solutions®. Together with her
accredited team of internationally-based End of Life Planning Facilitators, she offers products and programs to help people complete their end-of-life plans - 90% of people say this is essential, but only 14% actually get around to doing it.

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