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Adam Hill- From The Couch To the Ironman World Championships

March 31, 2022 Season 2 Episode 13
Grief 2 Growth
Adam Hill- From The Couch To the Ironman World Championships
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Show Notes

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Adam and are alike in that we both suffered from anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. When Adam hit bottom, he turned to athletics to pull himself up. He went from being out of shape to competing in a 2 mile swim, 100 mile bike ride, 26 mile run in the Ironman championship in Kona, HI

Adam Hill is the author of the book, Shifting Gears: From Anxiety and Addiction to a Triathlon World Championship, which chronicles his harrowing, inspiring, and sometimes-clumsy story of transformation, from the origins of a debilitating anxiety disorder to his battle with alcoholism to his rise to the top of the triathlon world stage. He is an elite amateur triathlete with multiple podium finishes and has earned the distinctions of USA Triathlon All-American and Ironman All World Athlete. He was featured in the NBC Sports series Ironman: Quest for Kona (2017), which chronicled his successful attempt to qualify for the Ironman World Championship.

Today, Adam is a business executive, coach, speaker, and author. Through his triathlon platform, Extra Life Fitness, he provides coaching, guidance, and resources to triathletes of all levels. You’ll often find him speaking about personal transformation and overcoming anxiety at company events, on podcasts, and in other media.

Adam's Website is:

We talked about:

  • Adam's level of fitness and state of mind before becoming a triathlete
  • What it is like growing up with an anxiety disorder
  • Recovering from alcoholism
  • What it means to be an "anxiety superhero"
  • Saying goodbye to cheeseburgers

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